Nikki Burian 3/30

13423788_10154206825578764_692907183882784306_n           15078682_10154644331643764_7479247630105981383_n.jpg

Nikki is one of my favorite humans! Even though we are not all that close, every time I’ve been around Nikki it has been a hoot. As far as when I’m not around them I watch them on social media and they just ooze style, love, social justice and genuine identity. I’ve watched them stand up for those they love, share experiences, journeys and gratitude.


On top of all of that they are an incredible poet. They share their struggles, fears, and deepest loves through the power of spoken word poetry. I have laughed, cried and been inspired to work even harder in my art therapy degree because of Nikki. Nikki’s poem style is by far my favorite I have encountered. I remember the first time I saw them perform I was immediately desiring a friendship with this fantastic human being.

Nikki never hesitated to invite me to spend time with them and their friends. They are never weary of new friends and the chance of making someone smile. I hope they realize how much they have meant to me and many others. Life is better with Nikki around.My favorite thing about Nikki is their huge heart for others, and their ridiculously perfect style. If I could have half the style and solidified identity that Nikki has I will be beyond successful and happy.

I love watching their success, excitement and snapchats of their cat 🙂 Also they are the biggest (and cutest) Cubs fan I’ve ever met.14612636_10154580133368764_9035902523664030685_o


Thank you for the snapchats that make me laugh and smile.

Thank you for always being genuine on and off stage.

Thank you for wearing overalls and making everyone want a pair.

Thank you for all the love you give this world.

I wish you the greatest love, success and happiness in this world.

Never stop being you.





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