Jay and Jayne 2/30


I originally met Jay at school. They came into Marylhurst as a Music Therapy student. Jay and I ran into each other here and there. I always loved their smile and the way they played guitar. There was something about them that made me want to know them more.  One day a few years ago some friends decided to go ice skating and Jay came! This picture was a moment that I truly loved Jay.


How could you not love someone who photobombs one ice-skates? It was a lovely afternoon and from then on I felt closer and closer to Jay every time I encountered them. We began to hangout more and Jay just has a way of making you feel so important. When Jay asks you how you are, they genuinely want to know how you are.

Last year I found out that Jayne, Jay’s Fiancé (girlfriend at the time) was in The Curious Savage at a local theatre and as it is one of my all time favorite shows I had to go see it! Supporting a friend’s girlfriend at the same time? Score! I went and it was incredible. I had met Jayne  before but I had a new love and respect for her after that nights. From then on I hoped that Jayne would join Jay whenever a social gathering was afoot. Jayne is the theatre geek, people loving, passionate friend I always needed! haha I loved them both dearly. I also attended any show I possibly could to support Jay and Jayne including Jay’s return to the stage and Jayne’s casting in a lead role.

My birthday is 2016 was shaping up to be a bit of a disappointment unfortunately. It was my last in Portland, but for many it was just another day for them. For Jay and Jayne? It was a day to make me happy with the simplest acts. They joined my roommate and I for drinks at the bar Jay bartends and simply enjoyed the evening with me. They then bought my drink, got me a free piece of Bailey’s Cheesecake with a candle and a rose in a orange crush bottle and sang to me. It was one of the most kind and heartfelt moments of my life. It makes me cry to this day.

Jay and Jayne inspired this project of mine a little bit. A few weeks ago, Jay and Jayne were expressing how grateful they were for my friendship and for how much I’ve been supporting both of them by coming to their shows. I was so caught off guard and did not respond well. Later that evening my boyfriend and I were talking about why we were so awkward. Kirk simply said, “People just don’t express themselves like that so we don’t know how to respond.” Which began me thinking about how I could express my love for people in my life better and thus I came up with this project.

So thank you both for making me want to take these actions.

Thank you for the wonderful acts of love you have shown me.

Thank you for always being so caring to all around you.

I can’t wait to see Jayne’s directing debut and Jay’s second show in Portland soon.

I also can’t wait to see how incredible of a music therapist Jay will become!

Thanks for being in my life and please know I love you both so much.

You are both genuine, wonderful, and perfect.





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