Elise Albano: 1/30


Elise Albano is a mother, wife, academic and wonderful friend. I have known Elise since I was a young girl. She was one of the “older, cooler” youth in our youth group. I remember her from those days as a loud laughing, happy goof ball that hung out with the goofiest brothers at our church, the Albanos. She was always around even if we didn’t chat or hangout much. As you may be asking yourself, yes she ended up marrying one of those fellas! She was always so true to herself, I loved it. (and still do of course!)

As years passed I watch Elise get married,(which I distinctly remember loving her wedding so much) and have an adorable daughter. Her husband also joined the military which took her and her family on great adventures of new towns, military bases, red tape, and struggles.  In all of this she has been working away on her Bachelor’s degree online while raising Ariana and supporting Chris her husband in all he was doing. Elise has always handled all of these things with such grace and a little sass. I have always admired how many things have not been easy for Elise and yet she has made them seem manageable with the ways she approached each challenge.

I see the way she mother’s her precious little girl and it gives me hope for our future. Truly she is so patient, caring and loving to her little one. She loves her family so fiercely.

On top of that she is one of the most encouraging people I have ever met. She is one of the people in this world that will tell you how much she admires you on a regular Tuesday and make you feel like you’re on top of the world. She is also so good at sharing her positivity to you when you’re having a struggle. There have been times I was at my lowest and I posted a status about it and boom there’s Elise saying just the right thing to make me feel worthy, powerful and capable of anything. She is also able to articulate her opinions, thoughts, criticisms, and stances in a very respectful and caring manner. She is opinionated in the best way possible.

I have not seen her in I’m not sure how long but I feel so close to her just through social media. I can’t wait until christmas comes around and I will see her and hug her. She is genuine, calm, wonderful and just all around awesome. I am so glad she is in my life to cheer me on and I’m so glad she’s on the planet to make the world just a little better.

Thank you Elise for being wonderful, caring and compassionate to all around you, especially me.

Thank you for fighting for social justice and encouraging me in all I do.

You Rock!





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