So the month of November is widely considered the month in which we express gratitude for aspects of our lives, especially on social media. I’ve always loved this idea but these expressions of gratitude are always closely followed with the criticism of only expressing these things in the month of November. Now, I absolutely agree that we should express gratitude as often as possible, but I don’t see any issue with using a specific month to intentionally name things we are grateful for.

Recently I have felt overwhelming gratitude for people in my life. Some I’m very close to and others I know in a less intimate manner, yet they are regularly on my mind and in my heart. I smile thinking about many people everyday. So, I’ve decided that the month of November for me will be 30 days of expressing my sincere gratitude to 30 people. I will choose a different person each day and make a special blog about them with a story or what I admire about them most. They will be in no specific order and if someone is not on the list that definitely doesn’t mean they aren’t inspiring to me. I have some catching up to do and I intend to get there today or tomorrow!

I feel as though this is an  action we could all do more often. We don’t tell each other how much we love each other on just a random Monday. We feel we have to wait for a holiday or birthday, but we shouldn’t! If  you feel inclined to join me please do! We learn a lot about ourselves when we express gratitude, and we will be brightening someone’s day.

Here’s to gratitude, here’s to friendship, and here’s to November!




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