The Beautiful Interconnections of Goodbyes…

It was about 4 pm on April 17th 6 years ago when I found my my great grandmother had passed away. She was such a wonderful human teaching me about life, baking, and the importance of education, and icecream. She was wonderful and I was sad she was now gone but she had really influenced me so very powerfully.
Now on this same day 6 years later at 4pm I sat outside a listened to the comforting bells chiming on Marylhurst University campus as I end my last weekend class at an institution that has been my social and academic home for 5 years. And I find myself having the same emotions. I feel sad that this part of my life is ending and that this place will no longer be a part of my life in the same way. However, I am also immensely grateful, amazed and changed by my experiences here. There are not adequate words to describe just how much I owe to this place, and the people. It’s amazing to me just how paralleled my great grandma Norma and Marylhurst university have been to me.

Some people know this about me but some don’t, I knew I needed to leave Idaho for my education and for my future but I never wanted to be far away if my great grandma was still alive. I wanted to soak up as much time as possible with her as well as not have to be far away when she did go. So when she passed a part of me felt liberated (and receiving her blessing) to proceed with my future. So I applied, I was accepted and I moved. My life was started. Upon pulling onto campus for the first time I heard the well known bells ring across campus. The beauty of that moment lies in the song they chimed which just so happened to be the exact chimes my great grandmas clock on top of her tv would sing every hour. The same song, the same warm feeling, the same comfort, the same. So today I made sure to listen to the bells at 4pm to remember my great grandma, to thank her and to thank Marylhurst. This is beauty.