Peas, Please!

I’ve always been a little bit odd. This was especially evident when I was a young child devouring almost every vegetable in sight. To name a few, I loved broccoli, carrots(even cooked), cauliflower, green beans, onions, zucchini, and especially peas! This year when I decided to do a garden plot in the community garden at Marylhurst University all of the veggies I loved as a child, and to this day, danced around in my mind. I could not wait to plant and grow the things I’ve always adored! I was especially excited about my peas!

This whole season of gardening has been a learning experience. I didn’t know what to expect and when to expect it. This has actually made it really fun. When I go out to my plot and see that something else is sprouting or growing it’s extra exciting.  So it was time( end of march) to plant my peas. To start, I was surprised by the seeds. They are just dried peas! Duh! I dug a little trench in my soil,  lined them up, one beside another and wished them all the luck in growing. I watered them really well, and began the wait.

photo 1

Shortly after I had little plants popping up! It was very rewarding. The peas in my plot were the thing that seemed to be doing the best at the beginning of the planting season. I was extra in love with them. I sang them some extra love tunes, and made sure they got a ton of water.

photo 3 (2)

Then I had a whole tall bushel that definitely required a selfie with it. Before I knew it they just kept growing! I eventually had to add 4 tomato cages for them to climb.

photo 4

Then again, much to my surprise, I went out a few weeks ago, and I had PODS!!! Peas PODS on the PEA PLANT!!!! Real peas! I mean! GUYS! PEASSSSSS!!!!! I can’t believe just how happy it makes me!

photo 3

I grew these! I grew them myself and I’ve been eating them and sharing them. Honestly my favorite, favorite part is sharing with others. Being able to say, “Hey! Do you like sugar snap peas?? Want one? I grew it myself!” I have shared them with my roommate, kirk(He tried it but didn’t like it), my friend when she was having a bummer day, and other friend (that’s my friend!) and lots of Marylhurst Employees! Everyday there are over 20 pods to pluck and enjoy. What more could one ask for?

If you haven’t been able to pick up on my excitement, these are the faces I make whilst eating my wonderful, green, crunchy peas.

photo 1photo 2 photo 3

The moral to this here (sort of silly) post is, find whatever it is that makes you feel the overwhelming excitement I feel when I grow my peas. Find that thing you love to cultivate, care for and eventually sink your teeth into. Investing time and energy into something will undoubtedly reward you. Creating something beautiful is power.

Go find your peas! And share them with others!



*cough* Peas *cough*