I Am Awesome

Unlike many, I have never really struggled with self love. There have indeed been times when I felt a little less confident than usual, but for the most part I have considered myself pretty darn awesome.  That being said I know that it is sometimes very difficult for others to love themselves. Their negative self talk fills their minds constantly, drowning happiness and love. 

This week in my resilience class our free write was centered around self love. It emphasized how truly important it is for us to feel loved, and how it’s completely natural to want such a thing. The quote that stood out for me the most in our free write promt was one from Zora Neale Hurston, one of my idols. She says, “love makes your soul crawl out of it’s hiding place.” My free write following this quote came flowing out of me in a slam poem type form. I decided to share it here in hopes that maybe my words can inspire others. That maybe my affirmation will make it easier for you to love yourself. Or simply to write out this cool poem. I hope this helps you in whatever way you need. 

I Love Me 

I don’t know where my self loves comes from. 

I don’t know why it seems so easy to me.
What I do know is, I have so much love for myself overflowing it seeps out of me and infects others. . 

I know that I am overwhelmed by the joy I regularly feel. 

I know that I am strong and that I am awesome. 

I know that my confidence is genuine and my love is pure. 
I know that I am worthy even if only through my own eyes. 

I know my soul is exposed for the world to see and I know people love the truest me because it is all they have ever and will ever see.